Reclaimed French Oak Box Shelves


Image of Reclaimed French Oak Box Shelves

This shelving unit is a beautiful contemporary design combining stunning reclaimed oak with machined and polished brass.

Each joint has 2 polished brass inserts that elegantly conceal the fasteners.

The Oak used in these shelves originally served as flooring and walls of French Railway Wagons hauling goods for the SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français). These wagons are up to 80years old and are nearly all now decommissioned and replaced with less romantic steel versions. When we first get our hands on the Oak boards they are coated with decades of soot from the old steam trains that hauled them. Hiding under that soot lays an incredible timber full of characterful burls, knots and cracks. Time has allowed the soot to seep into the cracks and holes beautifully highlighting them in jet black. The larger blackened holes in some of the pieces were created when red hot rivets were forced through the timber to join them to the steel frames of the wagons. This process was used in the days before mechanical drills were portable or practical enough to do the job. The charred edges of these holes are a fantastic feature that really helps to describe their past.

As with all of my products I can offer customisation to suit your individual requirements.

This unit is 176cm wide by 94cm tall. The shelves are 150mm deep and made from 40mm thick solid oak.

Each shelve unit is unique and will differ from the picture due to the nature of the reclaimed timber. However, all the timber has the same origin so you can be assured it will retain the same character.

It’s a real privilege to work with timber with such an amazing story and a real joy to give it new meaning and a new life. I love these French Oak shelves and I hope you do too : )

Shipping is free to mainland UK. Please contact me for shipping outside of the uk. Made to order so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.


Image of Reclaimed French Oak Box Shelves Image of Reclaimed French Oak Box Shelves Image of Reclaimed French Oak Box Shelves